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We do face difficulties finding the right application for our work. When we search anything on Google, it gives us a lot of results. Out of those results, we have to filter the right information. Anystart is a free service that has a list of hundreds of important websites that can be an answer to your search and not only that, it displays them in categories.

Finding right information from the web becomes difficult especially when you don’t know where to start with. In that case, a simple hint can register a thought in the mind that this might be the answer. This is what the task of It has categories like travel, entertainment, dating, news, technology news and a lot more. Under those categories, there are many popular and useful websites that you can add on new tab of your browser or bookmark them.

Let us see what it has for us.


This is how the service homepage looks like. On the homepage itself, it starts with what it has to deliver. Websites are categorized in different areas. As you will scroll down, you will see more areas of interest and available web applications. Some of the important sites listed are:,,,, Gsmarena, Gizmodo, Engadget, Mashable,, Buzzfeed, Detonate, Amazon, Wallmart, and lots more.

When you click on any website listed on the list, it opens in a new tab.


So, when I clicked on inside the category Communities, it opened it in a new tab. Likewise, you can open any website from the list. You can bookmark the websites if you want. Otherwise you can also bookmark this service.


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There is an option at the end of each category – SEE ALL. When you will click on that, it will take you to a new page containing all the websites of that particular category only.

At the end, if you have found any website useful or important, which is not in the categories, then you can send your suggestion to the email address mentioned at the bottom of the homepage.

Visit Anystart.

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