Adjust The Default Height and Width of Scrollbars in Windows 10

Windows 10 users, who are not satisfied or don’t want to adjust working with the default height and width of scrollbars that are visible when we adjust a particular window (a browser, File Explorer, a Folder, etc.), this brief tutorial can help them set the height & width of those scrollbars as per their expectations.

You just need to play with Windows 10 Registry. It’s not that hard and quite safe also. I have also done the same and you can see the results below.

adust scrollbars height and width


As it is clearly visible in the screenshot I have added above, the height and width of the scrollbars can be set as per the user expectation.

Want to do the Same? Then follow these steps:

Use the Search bar or some other way to access Registry Editor of Windows 10. When you have done that, you need to access a particular path:"HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics" After accessing this path, you will find ScrollHeight and ScrollWidth options.

access Scroll height and width keysThese are the two binary values that manage the width and height of scrollbars. By default, their size is set to “-255”. You can access these keys to change their value data as per what you need.

set value data of scrollbar height and width

Changing the value lower than -255 will decrease the height of the scrollbar and if you have to increase the height of the height of scrollbars, then enter the values as per your what you have expected.

Remember that you should not increase or decrease the height and width of scrollbars as much as they look odd.

This is all you can do when you have to set the scrollbars’ width and height on Windows 10 PCs. Hope you like this tutorial.

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