How To Access Your MP3 Collection from Windows 10 Taskbar

This is a very simple tutorial that presents a trick using which you can access your MP3 music collection directly from the Taskbar of Windows 10.

You must be thinking what’s the use of this trick when we can simply add a desktop shortcut of MP3 folder. Well, the answer is most of us don’t love desktop shortcuts and try to avoid them unless it is important or mandatory. On the other hand, accessing MP3 collection from the taskbar is more convenient as we don’t have to open the same folder again and again.

MP3 collection in Taskbar Windows 10

What Can Be Done To Access MP3 Collection from Windows 10 Taskbar?

Firstly, you should make sure that all your MP3 collections are available in a single folder. Then right click on the Taskbar to create a “New toolbar…“.

create a new toolbar

A window will open and now you know what you should do. You have to find and select your MP3 folder.

The moment you select that folder, it will be added to the Taskbar. Well done! You have done what you want.

For the next time, when you want to access the MP3 collection stored on your PC, you can click that ‘>>’ symbol available just next to the Folder name in the Taskbar. It will explore all the MP3 tracks and sub-folders.

You can play any track or explore sub-folders to play the song you want.

This is a very basic trick but might be helpful to a lot08 of us who want to quickly access the songs collections in Windows 10 PC.

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